Actress sought for Short & Sweet production

Actress sought for Short & Sweet production. King Street Theatre. February 13 – 17, to be directed by Peter Shelley.

Strictly Business is a comic drama. A two-hander, it presents the relationship between Barnabas Reilly who is a businessman and his former secretary, Sandra Griffiths, whom he has previously fired. She follows him to the train he catches to go home, seeking revenge with a gun.

Character description
Sandra is a woman with an emotionally unstable past, having spent time in a mental institution. She has not worked since being fired by Barnabas. She is of a homely appearance, and aged between 30s – 50s.

Rehearsal details.
Approx 10 – 15 hours rehearsal time needed. To take place at the Stanmore Community Church Hall. Times preferred pm, afternoon to evening.

Contact details.
Email address: Contact number is 0403296142.


2 responses to “Actress sought for Short & Sweet production

  1. Would any interested actors please also provide access to a showreel. Thank you.

  2. Another director has taken over this job for me so I no longer need an actress.

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