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Theatre Junkies update: Six months on.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported Theatre Junkies in its first few months. Our efforts to create an avenue of promotion for community and independent theatre companies and performers that is accessible (no user accounts needed!), centralised (one page to bring them all!), and most importantly FREE has been well received by many in the world of community theatre, so again, thank you! Here are some of the specifics…

In only 6 short months since the first post, Theatre Junkies has attracted over 5000 views from theatre enthusiasts around Australia.

Starting small, with an average of less than 10 hits per day, Theatre Junkies currently averages 55 hits per day (averaging 59 per day in the month of September!) with reviews and audition notices being the most highly viewed categories – and the offer of reviews for community and independent theatre productions has been taken up by a wide range of companies!

Two theatre companies, Blacktown and Epicentre, have taken up the opportunity for reciprocal advertising, and we’re hoping to build more partnerships within the community theatre world over the coming months.

In terms of followers and subscribers, between Facebook, Twitter and direct email subscriptions, we have 129 followers as of this writing, and the Theatre Junkies yahoogroups mailing list maintains over 700 subscribers. There have also been over 1000 referrals to the site from search engines, with people arriving at Theatre Junkies by searching for show names, company names, audition information, actors names or any one of over 200 different search terms or combinations.

This means that after only 6 months of operation, the website has attracted a lot of attention to theatre companies and their productions, auditions or other company information, and is growing at an exciting rate.

Thanks again for your support of Theatre Junkies! We look forward to helping promote your next theatre production.


Communication Breakdown

Due to an error in the configuration of our domain registry, emails sent to any addresses have not been getting through.

This will be fixed within 24 hours of this post, however if you need to contact us in the mean time, please use

Apologies to any company or person whose information as not been posted due to this error. Please resend any outstanding notices to the above address.

Help Theatre Junkies continue to grow!

Between Facebook, Twitter and subscribers to the page, Theatre Junkies has almost reached 200 followers, and had over 3400 hits! This is an exceptional result for a site that’s only a few months old, and we’d like to thank those people who have given up their time to review shows, as well as our two partnered theatre companies, Blacktown Theatre Company and Epicentre Theatre Company.

We’re looking forward to growing the site over the coming months and continuing to provide a free, centralised advertising and media outlet for community and independent theatre companies.

You can help by sharing a post or review, following us on facebook, or by suggesting to the committee of your company that they consider a partnership with Theatre Junkies. Check out the Advertising & Reviews page for more information. The more people who know about Theatre Junkies, the more attention your productions get!

Thanks again for all your support. We look forward to helping promote your upcoming theatre productions, advertise auditions, and help bring the broad theatre community that little bit closer together.

Theatre Junkies update

After our initial offer to review theatre productions on we have received quite a strong response, with the first reviews to be published this weekend.

If you have a production coming up and would like an independent review posted on our website, the earlier you contact us, the better the chance that we can confirm it with one of our review team.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of our reciprocal advertising offers. More information is available under the ‘advertising’ page on the website. Blacktown Theatre Company have been the first to take advantage of this offer, and currently have their own category for searching posts, as well as their company logo taking pride of place on our ‘theatre companies’ links page.
Theatre Junkies is a free service, striving to build up the community of theatre companies, so please help us to support you in your efforts to produce quality theatre for your community. Visit for more information.


Theatre Junkies would like to help build up the ‘community’ of community theatre groups. As far as we can tell, theatre junkies is the only community theatre information service that is free to use, free to access, not affiliated with any specific theatre group or commercial organisation, and can be accessed through a website that does not require users to have an account (such as Facebook). Like you, the people behind Theatre Junkies do it purely for the love of the theatre.

If you would like to support Theatre Junkies in our mission to help build the greater community theatre community, we have two offers to make to all non-profit theatre groups.

1. Reciprocal Advertising. There are two forms of reciprocal advertising that you can take advantage of: A) Place a graphic or text ad on the front page of your company website that tells the world that you advertise auditions and show details with Theatre Junkies, and we will create a searchable category under the name of your theatre company, making it easier for theatre fans to find your notices. B) Place an add for Theatre Junkies in your program, and Theatre Junkies will host a banner ad for that production on a dedicated ‘upcoming productions’ page, giving it additional exposure to Theatre Junkies visitors.

2. Theatre Junkies Reviews. If you would like an independent review of a production published online at the start of the season, Theatre Junkies has a small team of writers to call on to review your shows. You provide two tickets to your preview or opening night, and we will have a review posted on our website to help with the promotion of your show.

For more information, or to book in your ads or review, email

Theatre Blogs in Sydney

Don’t forget to send me links for your theatre related blog. Our new site will have a dedicated links page for theatre blogs and company links once we have a few more pages to share.

Promote yourself and your productions with Theatre Junkies!

In the mean time, here is one of our members blogs for our enjoyment:

Theatre Junkies, on Twitter and on the Web

Theatre Junkies is now going out on the Web and on Twitter!

You can promote your theatre activities in more ways with Theatre Junkies Australia!


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