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Review: short and sweet in Broken Hill

By Heidi Hendry

The Short+Sweet Theatre aim to develop and showcase excellence using the ten minute theatre form. Sponsored by West Darling Arts and in association with the Broken Hill Repertory Society Inc, the Short + Sweet Theatre expanded this year to include Broken Hill, NSW.

Locals were encouraged to be involved with writing, directing, producing, acting, stage management, lighting and sound.

5 ten minute plays were performed at Theatre 44 on Wills St on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October.

Daydream Believer, written by Deb Hunt and directed by Marilyn Harris was set underground in the Daydream Mine. Set both above and below ground, the play made excellent use of the 2 sides of the stage to create the effect of distance. I was a bit distracted by the helmet shadow over the eyes of the three actors, but found the Tour Guide(?) warm and believable. Anthony & Cathy/Cookie interacted well as the arguing couple.

You Must Be One Since You Said It, written and directed by Leah Maj, wasa story of schoolyard bullying. The technique of having Leah (Ella Fobister) standing in the middle of the stage with the bullies walking behind throwing out their lines at her, while she fumed, was an excellent technique. I would have liked to see Ella further forward on the stage, and there was one interaction where she turned her back on the audience, which could have been choreographed differently, but I liked her emotional strength, and her fury was palpable. Eric (Ryan Baker) did not have many lines but I felt he was quite believable.

Clean Sweep, written and directed by Deb Hunt, was a clever and funny story of a principal and a janitor, but was really a story of power and where powere really lies. Clever stagecraft and positioning as well as excellent choice in cast produced a well delivered, very believable pas de deux. Anna Cannillas and Fred Peters can be proud of their performance.

The Artist in Residence written by Jason King, directed by Marilyn Harris, was my favourite. Excellent writing, well executed, humourous, and almost professional in its delivery. John Harris, as the Painter, engaged my attention from the moment the curtain opened. Marilyn Harris, as the First Buyer, conveyed a wry humour, and was clearly enjoying her role. The puns on the paint names produced a lot of laughter in the audience.

A Town On The Edge Of Sundown written and directed by Adelaide DeMain, used a completely different format to present a narrated story about Broken Hill. It definitely conveyed the essence of Broken Hill drawing in the various elements of life here. And a standout performance by AJ Bartley as Priscilla.

After the plays were done the awards were presented. Clean Sweep will be taken to Sydney to be showcased in the Short+Sweet Sydney festival, and each of the other 4 plays will be available for directing & performing in that same festival. Best Actor went to Fred Peters, Best Actress to Ella Fobister, Best Director to Marilyn Harris, and Best Play to Clean Sweep.

Overall, it was a lovely evening, and fantastic to see the talent that Broken Hill has to offer. I hope to see more of this calibre of work, and hope that the West Darling Arts will support more of this. I am eagerly looking forward to the next production.


Antipodean Opera presents… la Traviata

Antipodean Opera
with Mountain Opera Chorus presents:
La Traviata

by Giuseppe Verdi
Sung in English

Tom Mann Theatre
136 Chalmers St, Surry Hills (near Central Station)
7pm Saturday 10 November 2012
2pm Sunday 11 November 2012
Wentworth Falls School of Arts
217 Great Western Highway, Wentworth Falls (near station)
7pm Saturday 17 November 2012
2pm Sunday 18 November 2012

Tickets available online and at the door $30/$22 concession

Director: Vincenzo Nesci
Assistant director: Tony Guyot
Conductor: Aldo Fedel
Lighting designer: Shaun Davies
Stage manager: Cameron Malcher
Wardrobe: Julie Campbell
Program: Sheila Choi
Web site: Daniel Kaan
Pianists: Tony Baldwin, Estella Roch
Rehearsal pianist: Rosalind But
Mountain Opera Chorus Master: Ron Goldsmith

Violetta: Grace Ciano (10th & 18th), Lyndall Rees (11th & 17th)
Alfredo: Daniel Kaan (11th & 17th), Orazio Paola (10th & 18th)
Germont: Jonathan Carlile
Flora: Elizabeth Hylton
Anina: Sarah Malcher
Baron: Rick Asensio
Gaston: Tony Guyot (11th & 18th), Siridev Abeyewardene (10th & 17th)
Doctor: Robert Rundle
Dancer: Masami Fox

About Antipodean Opera:
The Antipodean Opera is a not-for-profit co-operative company dedicated to bringing popular operas to audiences around Australia. We pride ourselves in the classical traditions of proven repertoire, beautiful singing and well considered interpretation.

For more information contact:

Seeking Artistic and Musical Directors for ‘Iolanthe’

The Savoy Arts Company is currently seeking expressions of interest from artistic and musical directors, for its 2013 production of Iolanthe.

This will take place at the Zenith Theatre, Chatswood in September 2013 and include ‘preview’ performances in the Southern Highlands and Collaroy Plateau.

Auditions will be taking place in February, with rehearsals starting in May. Prospective directors’ expressions of interest should include previous experience, and prospective artistic directors should provide a brief outline of their ‘vision’ or ideas for Iolanthe.

Please forward all enquiries to

Theatre Junkies update: Six months on.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported Theatre Junkies in its first few months. Our efforts to create an avenue of promotion for community and independent theatre companies and performers that is accessible (no user accounts needed!), centralised (one page to bring them all!), and most importantly FREE has been well received by many in the world of community theatre, so again, thank you! Here are some of the specifics…

In only 6 short months since the first post, Theatre Junkies has attracted over 5000 views from theatre enthusiasts around Australia.

Starting small, with an average of less than 10 hits per day, Theatre Junkies currently averages 55 hits per day (averaging 59 per day in the month of September!) with reviews and audition notices being the most highly viewed categories – and the offer of reviews for community and independent theatre productions has been taken up by a wide range of companies!

Two theatre companies, Blacktown and Epicentre, have taken up the opportunity for reciprocal advertising, and we’re hoping to build more partnerships within the community theatre world over the coming months.

In terms of followers and subscribers, between Facebook, Twitter and direct email subscriptions, we have 129 followers as of this writing, and the Theatre Junkies yahoogroups mailing list maintains over 700 subscribers. There have also been over 1000 referrals to the site from search engines, with people arriving at Theatre Junkies by searching for show names, company names, audition information, actors names or any one of over 200 different search terms or combinations.

This means that after only 6 months of operation, the website has attracted a lot of attention to theatre companies and their productions, auditions or other company information, and is growing at an exciting rate.

Thanks again for your support of Theatre Junkies! We look forward to helping promote your next theatre production.

Auditions: The Taming of the Shrew


NTT Productions is presenting “The Taming of Shrew” in March 2013 at the Q Theatre.

About this production:
Performed in the Commedia dell’arte form, this NTT production focuses firmly on the comedy content of Shakespeare’s wonderful farce about the battle of the sexes. As fresh and up to date today as when it was written 400 years ago.

Audition Details:

Auditions will be held 7pm Tuesday October 30 at Penrith Christian School.
All auditionees MUST book an audition spot and request audition pieces for the role/s they are interested in auditioning for.

To book your audition contact Carol on 0414 714447 or book online

Monday/Wednesday nights in Penrith area from November 5.

PETRUCHIO: Suitor to Katherina (male 30-50)
GRUMIO: Petruchio’s personal servant (male 25-50)
LUCENTIO: Student and chief suitor to Bianca (male 20-30)
TRANIO: Lucentio’s personal servant (male 30-50)
BIONDELLO: Boy servant to Lucentio (male 16-25)
BAPTISTA MINOLA: Wealthy Father to Bianca and Katherina (male 40-70)
HORTENSIO (LICIO): Suitor to Bianca (male 25-50)
GREMIO: Suitor to Bianca (male 40-70)
VINCENTIO: Father to Lucentio (male 40-60)
PEDANT: Masquerades as Vincentio (male 40-60)
KATHERINA (KATE): Elder daughter to Baptista (female 30-45)
BIANCA: Younger daughter to Baptista (female 20-30)
WIDOW: Wealthy woman of Padua (female 30-60)
CHORUS: Group of masked, on-stage performers who act as vocal responses and take smaller roles including TAILOR (male), SERVANTS (Male & Female), POLICE OFFICER (male). Any age.
PERCUSSIONISTS Group of masked on-stage percussionists, including bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, triangle, kazoo, whistle etc. Any age.

Sweeney Todd Auditions

Want to be part of an exciting new production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street?

Blue Mountains Musical Society invites you to join us for the official information night for our next production. Springwood Civic Centre is being renovated starting in 2013, so this leaves us a bit homeless. There are many new changes coming up, so be there to find out all the goss!

We will be casting all leads, ensemble and dancers (both male and female). We will also take expressions of interest for minor production team roles.

PRODUCER | Kate Saunders
DIRECTOR | Jessica Lovelace
MUSICAL DIRECTOR | Matthew Lovelace
REPETITEUR | Jem Harding

SET DESIGNER | Kevin O’Reilly

Information Night | Thursday 15 November | 7:30pm | Springwood Civic Centre

Auditions | 23, 24, 25 November | Venue TBA

Rehearsals | Tuesday and Thursday nights | February – May

Performances | 20 May – 1 June | Q Theatre, Penrith

PLEASE NOTE: The cast for this production will be 18+ due to the content of the show. Some lenience will be showed to the roles of Toby and dancers. This will be dealt with on an individual basis, so come along on the 15th and speak to us if this applies to you.

Have you got what it takes?

Contact Jessica Lovelace on or 0422 022 560 if you have any questions.


Audition Co-Op 5 November – Sydney


An award winning play “Jasmin on Evil Tracks” to be staged end of February/early March 2013.


‘Jasmin on Evil Tracks’ by Ljiljana Lasic:

A tragicomic story of a Bosnian refugee, Jasmin stuck in a hopeless land, waiting for a visa for another happier world. He tries to make ends meet by selling his body, cigarettes, paintings and busking in the wild streets of Belgrade. He shares a flat with two sisters, Stasha and Marlena. Stasha has saved him from the atrocities of war and offered him a place to stay, while Marlena is suspicious of him having alterior motives. It is a story of acceptance, tolerance, prejudice and above all, love.

This will be the first English performance of this text.


Marlena (Female, playing age 50-65) a psychiatrist, whose fate is similar to all mankind that grew up at the time of communism and who finds solace in the Orthodox faith of her forefathers only at the end of her life. The faith she had been renouncing so easily all her life. Her piety, so late, does not bring peace to her lost soul. She was an ambassador’s daughter in France. She blindly looked after her father, without taking care of herself. A religious fanatic, stubborn, sullen and spiteful.

Stasha (Female, playing age 50-65) a painter, seemingly so cruel, fan of any kind of scandal, free, eloquent. She defies the world and only paints devils. what she sees around. Eccentric, erratic, bohemain, an atheist.

Even though the characters are mature, we are happy to audition ladies 30-99 years of age.

Rehearsals times to be confirmed with cast, most likely to be two evenings a week and Sundays or Saturdays.

Applicants will be asked to do a cold read from the play.

Director – Richard Cotter
Producer – Patrick Matijevic

Profit share.

Please email CV and photo to Patrick whatsnew.

NUCMS announces auditions for our “A Midsummer Night’s Dream: the rock musical”

NUCMS presents

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
the rock musical

Music & Lyrics by George Griggs

Information Night – Tuesday 30th October

Auditions – Thursday 8th November

Performances May 2013

Normanhurst Uniting Church, 2 Buckingham Avenue, Normanhurst NSW

Director – Ian wesley
Musical Director – Francis Voon
Choreographer – Mel Warwick

The course of true love never did run smooth – especially when it is fickle teenage love

In this modern adaptation of the Shakespearean comedy of fickle teenage love, magic and moonlight, the action is relocated to a modern-day city. Hermia is the Mayor’s daughter and is in love with Lysander, a musician in a rock band. Dimitri, a self-centred musician in the same rock band, fancies Hermia, but is being persued by her cousin, Helena. Bottom and his gardening team, who are amateur musicians, harbour a secret desire to become a professional Cover Band, and all fall foul of the mischievous Puck, the helper of Fairy King Oberon, who is estranged from his wife, Tytania.

More Information

For general information about the production – email dream

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This will be fixed within 24 hours of this post, however if you need to contact us in the mean time, please use

Apologies to any company or person whose information as not been posted due to this error. Please resend any outstanding notices to the above address.

Review: Savage in Limbo, by Workhorse Theatre Co.

By Emily Elise

Only familiar with John Patrick Stanley’s ‘Doubt’, ‘Savage in limbo’ was a completely new experience for me. Anyone need a monologue? Buy the script. A great piece for actors as each one has a chance in the spotlight.

Set in a lonely bar in the Bronx, 32 year old virgin Debise Savage makes her first friend in the local sexpot then proceeds to attempt to steal her boyfriend who has just professed he wants to date “ugly girls”. You know, just your usual Monday night! Other habitants of the bar include a barman who has a particular way with drinks and an alcoholic who once wanted to be a nun. As we move through the script each character has at least one juicy monologue unravelling a little more about them and forming new relationships constantly with the others in the bar.

32-year-old Denise Savage (Katherine Beck) bursts in with a heavy American accent and sets the tone for the rest of the piece. Zoe Trilsbach was a standout making me wonder what she was like in real life as she played Linda so convincingly. The only thing missing was some light and shade, which I feel could have come with some sharper direction. With most of the characters in heightened emotional states the whole time it took away from some of the character building small moments. It was, however, an overall well rehearsed production with talented actors who work together seamlessly.

Savage In Limbo is showing at the Tap Gallery until November 3rd. Click here for more info.