Advertising & Reviews

This page contains information about how to advertise with Theatre Junkies and how to secure a review for your production. To read published reviews, return to the home page and select the ‘reviews’ category from the sidebar menu.

Advertising with Theatre Junkies

Theatre Junkies is a free service to anyone involved In Theatre Production. As such, we accept no paid advertisements.

What we do offer is a ‘reciprocal advertising’ arrangement that you can take advantage of to improve the profile of your company or production on the Theatre Junkies website.

Option 1: host a text or graphic ad on the front page of your company website that identifies that you advertise auditions and shows through Theatre Junkies, and your company will be given its own category for posts on our site, as well as have a link to your company website added to out ‘theatre companies’ page.

Option 2: commit to placing an ad forTheatre Junkies in the program of an upcoming production, and Theatre Junkies will host a banner ad for that production on a dedicated ‘upcoming productions’ page and calendar.

For more information on these opportunities, email

Theatre Junkies reviews

Theatre Junkies offers you the chance for an independent review of your production, to be posted on our website for all to see.

Simply advise us of the date of the press night, or opening night of your production, and reserve two tickets in the name of the reviewer, and we will spread the word for all to see.

For more information, or to book a review of an upcoming show, email


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