FAMS Theatre Company The Mikado

Taking the lead from operetta’s Victorian heyday and embracing the legacy of WS Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, this production draws on the exoticism of medieval Japan and catapults it into the land-that-never-was: the nineteenth century steam-driven space-age.

FAMS Theatre Company, the grand dame of the Northern Beaches community theatre scene is back in its 41st year with an entirely new production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado.

For the rebirth of FAMS it seemed fitting to choose the most popular of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, the classic “Japanese” fantasy. In reality, The Mikado is about as Japanese as swiss cheese, and has at least as many holes. Yet casts, crew and audiences alike have loved the show and it has run almost without faltering all over this massive globe for 125 years.

But this production will be unlike anything you think you have seen before.

Since when did our Victorian great-grandparents travel on interstellar airships? Since Jules Verne, the grandfather of science fiction. Verne’s works inspired us with new ways to dream. Just as Victorian entrepreneurs were exploring and exploiting the exotic east, Verne’s stories strode out across the unchartered depths of our imagination, from the mysteries of our own planet to our nearest solar neighbours. In search of the exotic today, FAMS’ Artistic Director, Patty Macintosh, has fused the future past of Jules Verne and the present past of WS Gilbert to explore a new and original exoticism: the contemporary “Steampunk” movement.

FAMS’ The Mikado is set to bring a whole new world to Gilbert and Sullivan aficionados everywhere. While clinging to the original script and score, this production is here to both inspire the loyal G&S fan-base and to enthral those coming to the operetta for the very first time.

The fusion of both seasoned and new performers in the streamlined cast are the catalyst for this unique production. From the dramatic actors playing Katisha and Mikado, the veteran comic Pooh-Bah, the adorable, real-life couple playing Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum, to the student performers Ko-Ko and Pitti-Sing, not discounting the eclectic ensemble, this cast is proof that Gilbert and Sullivan’s operettas unite people in the love of the genre.

Complete with goggles, steam, leather, brass and velvet, the intrepid adventurers will venture forth on the all-new, dirigible Mikado for seven brilliant performances at The Montgomery Theatre, Collaroy Plateau (within the War Vets Retirement Village) from June 29th.

Visit the FAMS website for tickets and further details.



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