Theatre Junkies would like to help build up the ‘community’ of community theatre groups. As far as we can tell, theatre junkies is the only community theatre information service that is free to use, free to access, not affiliated with any specific theatre group or commercial organisation, and can be accessed through a website that does not require users to have an account (such as Facebook). Like you, the people behind Theatre Junkies do it purely for the love of the theatre.

If you would like to support Theatre Junkies in our mission to help build the greater community theatre community, we have two offers to make to all non-profit theatre groups.

1. Reciprocal Advertising. There are two forms of reciprocal advertising that you can take advantage of: A) Place a graphic or text ad on the front page of your company website that tells the world that you advertise auditions and show details with Theatre Junkies, and we will create a searchable category under the name of your theatre company, making it easier for theatre fans to find your notices. B) Place an add for Theatre Junkies in your program, and Theatre Junkies will host a banner ad for that production on a dedicated ‘upcoming productions’ page, giving it additional exposure to Theatre Junkies visitors.

2. Theatre Junkies Reviews. If you would like an independent review of a production published online at the start of the season, Theatre Junkies has a small team of writers to call on to review your shows. You provide two tickets to your preview or opening night, and we will have a review posted on our website to help with the promotion of your show.

For more information, or to book in your ads or review, email


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