Review: ‘Nunsense’, produced by Rockdale Musical Society

By Erica Brennan

The Rockdale Musical Society has indeed produced a very slick production of Nunsense. Combining light hearted audience interaction and true mastery of musical theatre the audience were treated to arguably the most bizarre nun-themed variety show ever. The cast members were absolutely stellar, each a standout in her own right, and all of them managed some impressive moves despite the restrictive nun habits. A truly crowning moment was a surprise ventriloquist act. I have no idea whether the performer learnt it particularly for the show or it was a special skill of hers, but it was performed effortlessly. Each member of the cast was a well-rounded performer; one even incorporated some impressive ballet moves, and another displayed an excellent command of show girl fans

I will admit to being baffled as to how Nunsense has proved popular enough to have spawned as many sequels as it has (at least four by my count in the program) because the concept of the show is quite painfully ridiculous. It actually came as a surprise to me that that I was able to overcome my doubts and enjoy it, principally due to the fantastic execution of all cast and creatives involved. While there were times when show touched on brilliance, it also included several cringe-worthy moments, such as the characters’ responses to the mass death of their fellow sisters. I just couldn’t reconcile that plot point with the obvious enjoyment and silliness the piece was trying to illicit.

Nonetheless, design, music and performance came together snugly making it easy and enjoyable to watch. I was giggling along with the rest of the audience, applauding enthusiastically after each song and desperate to be called on during the nun quiz.

Go and see Nunsense for a light-hearted night out at a solid performance. Don’t let their habits fool you – little will remain sacred. You may frown and squirm once or twice, but do get ready to be clapping madly for the energetic cast that will hold you spellbound from start to finish.




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