FREE TICKETS! Korean hit at Fringe TONIGHT! The Drawing Show’s”THE LOOK”

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The Drawing Show: "The Look"

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The world’s first non-verbal arts performance where live drawing techniques meet with special effects. This show, showcasing an exquisite combination of arts and performance produced by Korean director, KIM JIN GYU, has arrived Sydney for premieres of the episode ‘The Look’; featuring three ‘Looks’, a group of extraterrestrial creatures!!

In this performance, it’s a ‘Classic meets the Modern’ and ‘East-meets-West’ theme.

‘The Look’ tells the story of three extraterrestrial creatures, the first of whom creates art with a puff, the second who always finds himself in trouble, and the third who is a marvelous dancer. These aliens, collectively named ‘The Look’, have landed on earth by an accident during their flight through space from the Drawing World. This episode will cover their story on earth, as they communicate with earthlings with body language and art – their favorite pastime.


-The ‘Romanticist’ Look: Despite his tough experience, this Look’s a softie. He loves earthlings so tries to befriend them, but it doesn’t always work out.

-The ‘Simple-minded’ Look: This mischievous look loves to play tricks on earthlings. However, his quick wits earn him much popularity among the earthlings.

-The ‘Don’t give up’ Look: A Look who wears a box over his head. He’s often excluded by the other Looks, but sees many things that are invisible to earthlings.

Fri 21 Sep, 8:00 PM
Sat 22 Sep, 7:00 PM
Sun 23 Sep, 3:00 PM
The Italian Forum Theatre, Norton Street Leichhardt
Adult: $30 Concession: $27
Duration: 60 Minutes


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