Gender transition, love, family and relationships in powerful new Aussie play

INTO THE MIRROR by Shelley Wall

“For me, it’s about who I choose to love……” – Tyler

Check the trailer!

This is an amazing play… one not to miss!

Into the Mirror is a new play by Australian playwright Shelley Wall that meets the confronting issue of gender transition head-on… but with tenderness and compassion.
Its very personal insights touch any and everybody.

After eighteen months in the UK, Melanie arrives home to discover her mother Sally is a complete stranger and struggles with the universal question we all ask ourselves; “What am I going to without my mum?” Sally – now ‘Kendall’ – is desperate to be the man he wants to be and is trying to erase his life as Sally prior to transitioning. Tyler, reeling from an explosive lesbian relationship, meets Kendall and is captivated by his endearing charm, causing Tyler to question her own sexuality. Meanwhile, Sophia is torn and haunted by a decision she made years ago; her own struggle becomes a mirror into the lives of the other characters. And Laura must deal with the consequences of a childhood secret that will ultimately affect her future…

Into the Mirror explores the bond between mothers and daughters, relationships between lovers, families and friends; using the gender lens of Kendall’s transitioning to highlight issues that are present in all relationships.

“I’ve already got a father. I want my mother at my wedding not some freak.” – Melanie

Into the Mirror is directed by the playwright Shelley Wall, and stars Penny Day, Helen Stuart, Amber Robinson, Carole Sharkey-Waters and Katie Lees. Design by Lisa Bruce, original music by Rachel Wall and Craig Dimond (Room 28), choreography by Julie O’Reilly, make-up artist Marisa Birbara.

“I watched her when she went back to her friends, whispering, and pointing in my direction. I would like – just once – for someone to really see me how I see myself.” – Kendall

Established in 2008, DamShel Productions staged the world premiere of Shelley Wall’s Missing Pieces at the Tap Gallery in Sydney, followed by a successful tour to the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2010. (“Entertaining as well as powerful… this play is technically perfect.” – Stage Whispers.)

Shelley wrote Into The Mirror after becoming enthralled in the journey of a friend and colleague who had the courage to become the gender she should always have been. Says Shelley “I wanted to write a play that celebrated identity and acceptance.”

“I believe the characters and the story will touch the audience as their issues and weaknesses are human frailties we have all experienced either personally or through someone we love. This is the key to Into The Mirror: the courage to be yourself.”

INTO THE MIRROR by Shelley Wall
Produced by Shelley Wall, Helen Stuart and Pat Carter for DamShel
King Street Theatre – corner King and Bray Streets South Newtown
21 November to 15 December
Tues – Sat 7.30pm, Sat Matinees 2pm, Sundays 5pm
Ticket Prices: Full – $33 Concession – $28
Wed 21 Nov preview – all tickets $22
2 for 1 Thursdays – $30 Groups 10+ – $28
Bookings or call 9119 3739


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