Review: Savage in Limbo, by Workhorse Theatre Co.

By Emily Elise

Only familiar with John Patrick Stanley’s ‘Doubt’, ‘Savage in limbo’ was a completely new experience for me. Anyone need a monologue? Buy the script. A great piece for actors as each one has a chance in the spotlight.

Set in a lonely bar in the Bronx, 32 year old virgin Debise Savage makes her first friend in the local sexpot then proceeds to attempt to steal her boyfriend who has just professed he wants to date “ugly girls”. You know, just your usual Monday night! Other habitants of the bar include a barman who has a particular way with drinks and an alcoholic who once wanted to be a nun. As we move through the script each character has at least one juicy monologue unravelling a little more about them and forming new relationships constantly with the others in the bar.

32-year-old Denise Savage (Katherine Beck) bursts in with a heavy American accent and sets the tone for the rest of the piece. Zoe Trilsbach was a standout making me wonder what she was like in real life as she played Linda so convincingly. The only thing missing was some light and shade, which I feel could have come with some sharper direction. With most of the characters in heightened emotional states the whole time it took away from some of the character building small moments. It was, however, an overall well rehearsed production with talented actors who work together seamlessly.

Savage In Limbo is showing at the Tap Gallery until November 3rd. Click here for more info.


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