Audition Co-Op 5 November – Sydney


An award winning play “Jasmin on Evil Tracks” to be staged end of February/early March 2013.


‘Jasmin on Evil Tracks’ by Ljiljana Lasic:

A tragicomic story of a Bosnian refugee, Jasmin stuck in a hopeless land, waiting for a visa for another happier world. He tries to make ends meet by selling his body, cigarettes, paintings and busking in the wild streets of Belgrade. He shares a flat with two sisters, Stasha and Marlena. Stasha has saved him from the atrocities of war and offered him a place to stay, while Marlena is suspicious of him having alterior motives. It is a story of acceptance, tolerance, prejudice and above all, love.

This will be the first English performance of this text.


Marlena (Female, playing age 50-65) a psychiatrist, whose fate is similar to all mankind that grew up at the time of communism and who finds solace in the Orthodox faith of her forefathers only at the end of her life. The faith she had been renouncing so easily all her life. Her piety, so late, does not bring peace to her lost soul. She was an ambassador’s daughter in France. She blindly looked after her father, without taking care of herself. A religious fanatic, stubborn, sullen and spiteful.

Stasha (Female, playing age 50-65) a painter, seemingly so cruel, fan of any kind of scandal, free, eloquent. She defies the world and only paints devils. what she sees around. Eccentric, erratic, bohemain, an atheist.

Even though the characters are mature, we are happy to audition ladies 30-99 years of age.

Rehearsals times to be confirmed with cast, most likely to be two evenings a week and Sundays or Saturdays.

Applicants will be asked to do a cold read from the play.

Director – Richard Cotter
Producer – Patrick Matijevic

Profit share.

Please email CV and photo to Patrick whatsnew.


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