Auditions: The Taming of the Shrew


NTT Productions is presenting “The Taming of Shrew” in March 2013 at the Q Theatre.

About this production:
Performed in the Commedia dell’arte form, this NTT production focuses firmly on the comedy content of Shakespeare’s wonderful farce about the battle of the sexes. As fresh and up to date today as when it was written 400 years ago.

Audition Details:

Auditions will be held 7pm Tuesday October 30 at Penrith Christian School.
All auditionees MUST book an audition spot and request audition pieces for the role/s they are interested in auditioning for.

To book your audition contact Carol on 0414 714447 or book online

Monday/Wednesday nights in Penrith area from November 5.

PETRUCHIO: Suitor to Katherina (male 30-50)
GRUMIO: Petruchio’s personal servant (male 25-50)
LUCENTIO: Student and chief suitor to Bianca (male 20-30)
TRANIO: Lucentio’s personal servant (male 30-50)
BIONDELLO: Boy servant to Lucentio (male 16-25)
BAPTISTA MINOLA: Wealthy Father to Bianca and Katherina (male 40-70)
HORTENSIO (LICIO): Suitor to Bianca (male 25-50)
GREMIO: Suitor to Bianca (male 40-70)
VINCENTIO: Father to Lucentio (male 40-60)
PEDANT: Masquerades as Vincentio (male 40-60)
KATHERINA (KATE): Elder daughter to Baptista (female 30-45)
BIANCA: Younger daughter to Baptista (female 20-30)
WIDOW: Wealthy woman of Padua (female 30-60)
CHORUS: Group of masked, on-stage performers who act as vocal responses and take smaller roles including TAILOR (male), SERVANTS (Male & Female), POLICE OFFICER (male). Any age.
PERCUSSIONISTS Group of masked on-stage percussionists, including bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, triangle, kazoo, whistle etc. Any age.


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