NARNIA musical auditions this week – EUCMS

Narnia is the musical adaptation of the beloved children’s classic ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,’ with all its memorable animal, mythological and horrible characters which the four Pevensie children meet such as Mr Tumnus, Mr & Mrs Beaver, The White Witch and of course Aslan.

The script is its own original condensed version of the novel, bookmarked by the Professor Kirk’s Manor and the adventure of the four children into the world of Narnia in between, expanding on the themes, character’s motivations and relationships that author CS Lewis so well presented.

It contains a great scope for imagination in its set, lighting and costume design, magically transforming the ‘spare room’ into a forest, capturing the love Mr Tumnus had for the former summer days, asking the audience to witness the miraculous arrival of Spring and celebrating the freeing of the Witch’s frozen prisoners.

The show’s simple and elegant score, written primarily for children’s theatre, asks you to engage your imagination with “Doors and Windows,” and embrace destiny with “All Of These” but not to get too “Hot and Bothered”, rather welcome honesty “From the Inside Out,” and be deeply moved in “A Field of Flowers,” all while sinking your teeth into “Turkish Delight.”

Where you know the musical or not, if you love the story of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and have ever wanted to visit Narnia, we would love to see you audition this week.

If you would like to contact the Production Team, get further information or get access to the audition material, please click here:

Clare Burgess – Director

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