Do you review? Theatre Junkies Wants You!

Theatre Junkies would like to invite members to submit reviews of any and all community and professional theatre that they go to see.

With the release of the theatre junkies blog ( we can easily create a category for reviews, and give you the chance to share your opinions with the theatre going world (of the greater Sydney area).

To submit a review, simply submit it as you would any other post (via the website, by email to, of through the mailing list at and we will send it out into the Internets to be enjoyed b all the Theatre Junkies.

Just make sure that the word REVIEW is nice and bold in the subject heading, along with the title of the play you wish to eviscerate. I mean… Dissect.

All reviews will be subject to editing And approval, but to make that easier for us you can:
– avoid spoilers by focussing on an evaluation of the performance skills and production qualities of the show.
– be objective and avoid defamatory or insulting language. if you need to, grab a thesaurus to find a few other ways to say that something was terrible, rather than calling the designer a “sh*t for brains monkey f*cker”
– keep it balanced. Recognize the good in the bad and the bad in the good. No one likes a sycophantic fanboy or an unrelenting condemnation.

So… What are you waiting for?


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